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Take the guesswork out of talent management and recruitment 

Predictive Performance helps you find the right new hires and bring out the best in your people and teams quickly with data-driven solutions.

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At the heart of every business problem is a people problem.

You know your people are your greatest asset, but they’re also the greatest source of frustration. Hiring, onboarding, development, engagement, retention – some managers are spending up to 60% of their time solving people issues.

Relying on gut feel, intuition, or external consultants and recruiters might mask the symptoms - but it won’t allow you to solve issues quickly and efficiently and at scale.
efficiently and at scale.

There’s a better way. Start using cost-effective, data-backed tools to improve your new hires and build stronger, more effective teams.

Transform people-related problems into people-powered results

Where Predictive Performance Can Help You


Hire & onboard the right people faster

Understand how to eliminate hiring mistakes. Learn how to identify the key behavioural and cognitive drivers of job success and automatically build these into your recruitment process. Attract the right candidates from the start, identify the highest potential matches for any team or position and help new hires make an impact from day one.


Bring out the best in your people (and teams) at all levels

No more dependency on external consultants. Equip and empower your leaders with the tools and knowledge to create, manage, engage, and develop high performing and cohesive teams.


Real authentic conversations in the workplace

Stop thinking you need to manage everyone the same way. People have different needs and drives. Use data to optimise your workforce performance to build high-performing teams and develop a leadership pipeline that supports your teams growth. Enable your team members to better understand each other, work together and resolve conflict.


Create a workplace no one wants to leave

Eliminate tension and unhappiness. Build a workplace where people are excited to come to work and achieve great outcomes. Reduce staff turnover by measuring and improving employee engagement and improving the employee experience from day one.


Ready to scale your recruitment and talent management?

How it works


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We identify your unique problems and challenges


We create the plan to optimise your talent and people processes


We equip, coach and guide your leaders and help embed the tools and understanding in your business

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Hire and Inspire with Predictive Performance

Andy Foy – Talent Optimisation Consultant & Certified Predictive Index (PI) Associate
I know how frustrating it can be when you cannot get the organisational results you desire. There is no way around it; people drive business and all business problems at their root, are people problems.

For the last 20+ years, I have built my career on solving business and people challenges in the most practical, pragmatic, and cost-effective way. It’s safe to say I know business and I know people.

Using the innovative, market-leading Talent Optimisation tools from The Predictive Index (PI), I help organisations align their people strategy with their business strategy to create better workplaces and achieve optimal results.

These tools are practical, fast, scientifically validated, easy to use and deliver deep insights to help managers hire the right people, manage their teams, and improve performance.

Here’s how Predictive Performance can help you solve your people problems in your organisation:

  • Hire: Avoid costly hiring mistakes by finding the right people for the right positions

  • Design: Equip your leaders with the skills and tools to build high performing teams

  • Inspire: Use people data to develop and keep people engaged in their roles

  • Diagnose: Take a pulse check on employee engagement and create a remedial action plan

What our clients say about us!!

PP Sime Darby.png

Over the last couple of years, we have been using PI primarily in our hiring process.  The results are very good.  Our hiring process has sped up, we're hiring the right people, and our hiring managers have reduced the amount of time spent interviewing.  In addition, we are using PI to help develop our employee's self-awareness.  This will help develop better communication, team dynamics, and improve manager to direct report relationships.

Sime Darby Motors

What’s stopping you from putting this into action right now?

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